Name of Series: Sampson CenterStage Performing Arts Series

                                 Class Acts-Sampson CenterStage for Students

Box Office Telephone: (910) 592-7200

Administration Telephone:  (910) 592-6451

Facility Fax:  (910) 592-8486

Mailing and Physical Address:

Sampson County Exposition Center

414 Warsaw Road

Clinton, North Carolina 28328

Executive Director:

Ray Jordan

414 Warsaw Road

Clinton, NC 28328

Office: (910) 592-6451

Fax:  (910) 592-8486


Technical Director: Contact Ray Jordan


Local Accommodations:  For a complete listing of places to STAY, EAT, PLAY OR SHOP in Clinton and Sampson County, please visit: or contact the Sampson County Convention & Visitors Bureau at 910.592.2557.

Major and Local Airport Service:

Raleigh/Durham International Airport           (Approximately 60 Miles)

Fayetteville Regional Airport                             (Approximately 35 Miles)

Wilmington Regional Airport                            (Approximately 60 Miles)

Clinton-Sampson Airport (5,001’)                    (Approximately 3 Miles)

Laundry/Dry Cleaners:

Brown’s Dry Cleaners                                           1123 Sunset Avenue – 910.590.3022

Glam-O-Rama                                                        Northeast Boulevard – 910.592.5509

Ideal Cleaners                                                        128 Fayetteville Street – 910.592.2363

X Press Laundromat (Across from Venue)      407 Warsaw Road – 910.596.0939

Grocery Stores:
Piggly Wiggly (Grocery)                                       332 Northeast Boulevard – 910.592.4800

Food Lion (Grocery/Deli)                                   319 North Boulevard – 910.592.2169

Wal-Mart (Grocery/Deli-24 Hours)                 1415 Sunset Avenue – 910.592.1818

 Health/Fitness Clubs:
SRMC Center for Health & Wellness                417 East Johnson Street-910.596.5400

Lean Bodz                                                               204 Wall Street-910.596.2739

Emergency Information:  Rescue/Fire/Police:  Dial 911

Hospital/Emergency Room:

Sampson Regional Medical Center                   910.592.8511

607 Beamon Street                                               24 Hours
Clinton, NC 28328

General Facility Information

1.  Auditorium Information

Total Capacity:      912*(Note: Facility has Flex Seating from 784 to 912)

Sampson Circle:     160

Dress Circle           60

Orchestra:              588

Gallery:                  104

*Note: Total seating capacity changes depending upon spotlight and technical considerations necessary for each performance.

2.  Load-In Point:  Directly on Stage (Dock Level)

Comments:  Loading Dock will accommodate either one truck trailer or two short trucks.  Load in through one set of doors with the following dimensions:

5’-10” W x 6’-10 ½” High.

3.  Ladders, Personnel, and Forklifts

The following are on site and available for use as approved by Technical Director:

Handy Herman Personnel Lift (22’)

TCM Forklift 5000# Capacity (Lift Height-13’)

1-6’ Step Ladder

1-8’ Step Ladder

1-12’ Step Ladder

4.  Communications:

Type:  Telex Clear Com Compatible (Hard Wired and refurbished in January 2015)

(XLR 3 pin connector single channel party line)

5-Belt Packs with Microphone and Headset

7-Station Locations:  Stage Right, Stage Left, Dressing Room SR, Dressing Room SL, Lighting Console (Middle FOH), Sound Console (Middle FOH), Spot Light and Green Room.

Note: Dressing Rooms have monitors that provide main house feed.

5.  Dressing Rooms – Privacy/Green Rooms

Dressing Room Stage Left:

  • Capacity:  6-10
  • Shower/Toilet: Yes
  • Make Up Mirrors:  Yes
  • Wardrobe Rack:  1
  • Sinks:  2
  • Internet Access
  • Mini-Refrigerator

Dressing Room Stage Right:

  • Capacity:  6-10
  • Shower/Toilet: Yes
  • Make Up Mirrors:  Yes
  • Wardrobe Rack:  1
  • Sinks:  2
  • Internet Access
  • Mini-Refrigerator

Expo Room (No Public Access) 

  • Capacity:  (Up to 25)
  • Shower/Toilet:  Restrooms (Directly across Hall)
  • Make Up Mirrors:  No
  • Wardrobe Rack:  No
  • Sinks:  No
  • Internet Access

Green Room - Bennett-Allen Room (No Public Access)

  • Capacity:  (Up to 16)
  • Shower/Toilet: Restrooms (Directly across Hall)
  • Make Up Mirrors:  No
  • Wardrobe Rack:  No
  • Sinks:  No
  • Internet Access
  • Mini-Refrigerator

6.  Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium: Width: 31’-0”and Height: 16’ (Main Border is dead hung at 12’-9 ½ ”)
  • Distance from Curtain Line to Edge of Apron: 4’-6”
  • Distance from Curtain Line to Back Wall: 28’-10”
  • Offstage Wing Space:  SR: 7’ and SL: 7’
  • There is no crossover. (However, when using the back traveler there is a crossover of 5’.)
  • Stage may be entered from the SR Dressing Room, which is located adjacent to the Load In doors which lead onto loading dock.  Stage may be entered from SL.  At SL entrance are 4 steps which lead to a small area that can be used for changing etc. From this position entrance to the House may be obtained by a personnel door, which opens allowing entrance to the House. Entrance at SL is also adjacent to the SL Dressing Room.  Entrance to the house may be obtained at the proscenium opening on both SR and SL by going down 4 steps.  Or may be obtained through personnel door located adjacent to SL at bottom of steps.
  • There is no Orchestra Pit.
  • The stage floor is maple hardwood with a dark polyurethane finish.  (The use of nails, screws, tacks or hooks is strictly prohibited on the stage floor, walls or doors of the venue.)  Any equipment that may possibly cause damage to the stage floor should be placed carefully and should be placed on a mat that will protect the floor.  (Limited protection mats are available, contact staff for availability.)
  • There is a handicap lift located a SL. (Lift may NOT be used to move equipment)

7.  Fly System-Curtains-Masking

  • All Curtains are DEAD HUNG
  • There is no fly system available
  • Main Drape (Curtain) is Burgundy velour and is manual rope draw from SR.
  • 3-Side Legs are Black Atlas (Permanently mounted SR and SL)
  • 1-Back Traveler (Black Atlas and is manual draw.)
  • 1-Scrim (38’ x 17’-5” White Seamless Sharkstooth mounted on track. New in 2015)
  • 3-Borders (Black Atlas permanently mounted.)


  • All curtains, legs and borders are permanently hung.
  • All curtains, borders and legs were installed in 1999 and 2000 and are in fair condition.
  • The attachment of any object or the use of pins on any stage curtain is strictly prohibited.

 8.  Lighting
FOH and all Stage Electrics replaced in January 2014.  All Dimmer Packs changed and a combination of traditional and LED lighting installed.

 Company Switch:  There is a Company Switch located at SR and features a 400 amp 3 Phase connection.  Artist or Production Company must provide their own connections. In addition, there is a 200 amp power cart with 110v and 220v outlets of various types.

Dimmers and Control:

  • Total Dimmers:  66 Dimmers (Dimmers are 1,200 and 2,400 watts per dimmer)

House Light Dimmers:

  • 12 Dimmers (All House Lights)
  • Three (3) ETC Smart Dimmer Packs-Installed 1-14-14)

Stage (FOH) Dimmers:

  • 16 Dimmers at 1,200 watts each
  • (ETC Smart Pack Dimmers-Installed 1-14-14)

Stage (On Stage) Dimmers:

  • 38 Dimmers at 1,200 watts each
  • (ETC Smart Pack Dimmers-Installed 1-14-14)

  • 30 Stage Dimmers are wired on Edison duplex receptacles (All Overhead)
  • 8 Stage (4-SR-Rear and 4-SL Front) Dimmers are wired on Edison single outlet receptacles located at 15” off stage floor.
  • All circuits are wired with hot, neutral and ground.
  • Stage Lighting is DMX-512 Compatible with connections located at Middle of FOH and at SR.  (SR location has DMX in/out.)

Lighting Consoles:

  • ETC Element (New 1-14-14)
  • ETC Express 48/96 (New June 2002/Refurbished 9-2012)
  • NSI Model 7514 Microprocessor that is DMX-512 Compatible

Lighting Instruments

Qty.   Type                                          Brand                           Wattage            Gel/Gobo Holder
6        SpectraCyc 200 LED Cyc Lgts   Altman®               LED                   NA/NA
          (6 new January 2014)
8        COLORado  1 Quad Tour           Chauvet®              LED                    Yes/NA
          (8 new January 2014)
24      Slim Par Tri LED                       Chauvet®                LED                    Yes/NA
          (18 new January 2014 & 6 new September 2014)
4        Source Four-36°                         ETC®                       575                     Yes/Yes
8        Source Four Jr.-36°                   ETC®                       575                     Yes/Yes
14      Source Four Jr. -26°                  ETC®                       575                     Yes/Yes
3        6 x 12                                            Altman 360Q           750                    Yes/No
2        Vari-Focus 18-32                       Strand®15/32 SL   575                     Yes/Yes
6        Source 4 Par                                ETC®                       575                     Yes/NO
6        Source 4 Parnel                          ETC®                       575                     Yes/NO
         (New 10/07)
12      6” Fresnels                                   Altman®165Q       500                    Yes/NO
          (4-6” Barndoors)
30      Par 64                                                                      500/1000                Yes
12      Single Cell Cyc Lights                Strand®CODA       500                    Yes/NA

Note:  All instruments are wired with Edison connectors.


Qty.             Brand                    Model                               Wattage                 Gel Holders
1                  Lycian                    Midget 1209 HP               575 MHI              YES
1                  Altman                                                                1000                     7 Colors

Light Hanging Positions

Front of House Positions:    Distance from Curtain Line – Height from Stage - # Circuits

FOH # 1Electric:                        19’-6”                                         17’                                24

1st Electric:                                2’                                                16’-2”                           16

2nd Electric:                              8’                                                16’-3”                           8

3rd Electric:                               16’                                              16’-2”                           12

4th Electric (Cyc):                     23’                                              17’-0”                           4

Ground Row SR:                       18’                                              15”                                4

Ground Row SL:                       0’                                                15”                                4

  • All lighting is dead hung.
  • The facility has on hand various electrical cables, which will allow lighting instruments to be adjusted and located as necessary.  We are currently adding extension cables to increase the flexibility of our lighting arrangement.

 9.  Sound System

Sound Mixing Console #1 :

  • Soundcraft Spirit 8  32 Channel
  • Number Input Channels:  32
  • Number of Monitor Channels:  4

Accessories include:

  • Furman PL-8Power Conditioner and Light Module
  • Compact Disc Player (JVC XL-282BK)
  • Double Cassette Player (JVC TD-W354 BJ)
  • 4-Ashly MQX 2150 15 Band Graphic EQ*  (This is for 4 FOH controlled stage Monitors)
  • Snake (FOH # 1) for Channels: 1-9, 4 Channels for Choir Microphones and 3 Channels for Wireless Microphones.
  • Snake (FOH # 2) for Channels 10-32
  • Small Snake and Box (Channels 1-9 XLR inputs)
  • Large Snake and Box (Channels 10-32 XLR inputs)
  • 32 Channel Splitter Snake**    (Channels 1-29 are XLR wired and 30-32 are for Wireless.)
  • 4-On stage connections for monitors controlled from FOH.

Sound Mixing Console #2:

  • Soundcraft Signature 22 (Model #: 5049562) (New November 2016)
  • Number Input Channels:  22 with Effects

Accessories include:

Power Conditioner

  • Compact Disc Player (JVC XL-282BK)
  • Cassette Player (JVC TD-W354 BJ)

FOH Sound System Description

The house is comprised of 24 - 12 inch high quality EV-PRO12B coax speakers overhead distributed ceiling speakers in tuned ported enclosures supplemented with 4 – overhead EV TL18-1 sub bass speakers. Tuning is accomplished using a Biamp Tesira SERVER-IO AVB.  Within the programing EQ’s are set so the front half of the room can be equalized separately from the rear half when the room is split for different functions and two independent sound systems are required. The system has been tuned and aligned for maximum headroom and signal to noise through the Biamp Server. The system max SPL is set at 118 DB at 4 feet or ear level for even coverage of the seating or main floor area.

Monitoring Systems

  • For standard house sound operation no monitors are available.
  • For more sophisticated applications, four separate monitor mixes can be fed to the stage using the Spirit 32 x 8 mixing desk, again from the center of the venue. Aux-1 through Aux-4 is routed through a portable effects rack that houses 4 channels of Ashley 15 band EQ and then routed to two Crown CE-1000 amps on stage, then to 4 separate Neutrik connectors to monitors, 4 – EV Sx200 12 inch two way systems.
  • For more on stage monitor mixes a 29-channel transformer isolated splitter snake is provided. Clients may bring their own monitor desk, power amps, EQ’s, and monitors, and split out any of the 29 channels from front of house. Any phantom power must be provided from the FOH console.

Amplifiers for FOH
Qty.             Brand                    Model                     Wattage                     Condition
6                  EV                         7300                       300 w/ch                    Excellent
5                  EV                         P1200                     550 w/ch                    Excellent

Amplifiers for stage monitors
Qty.             Brand                    Model                     Wattage                     Condition
1                  Crown                    CE1000                  250 w/ch                   Excellent
1                  Yamaha                                                  300/ch                       New 2013
1                  EV

Main (FOH) Speakers
Qty.             Brand                    Model                            Wattage              Condition
24                EV                         Pro 12B 12” Coax          120                      Excellent
4                  EV                         TL18-1 Subs                   800                     Excellent

Monitor Speakers
Qty.             Brand                    Model                            Wattage               Condition
4                  Electro-Voice          SX 200                       300                      Excellent
                    (All Monitors have Speakon Connectors)

Microphones and Cables
Qty.             Brand                       Model                     Wattage                  Condition
6                  Electro-Voice          ND-267S                                                 Good
2                  Electro-Voice          ND-767                                                    Excellent
1                  Electro-Voice           MC-300                                                  Excellent
6                  Shure                        SM-58                                                     Excellent
4                  Audio-Technica      AT 853 RX Choir Microphones         Excellent
3                  Shure ULX Pro Series Wireless Handheld Wireless        (New 7-2014)

                    (Selectable Frequencies) 

25                Rapco                       RSMCA Microphone Cables (XLR)          25’

1                  Rapco                       RSMCA Microphone Cable (XLR)             50’

4                                                    Monitor Cables (Speakon)                          25’-30’

Miscellaneous Sound Equipment and Instruments
Qty.             Brand                       Model                                                              Condition
1                  Yamaha                    C7 Conservatory Grand Piano                    Excellent (Purchased new in May 2005)
1                  Young Chang           Studio Piano (On Stage)                             Excellent (Purchased new in Nov. 1999)
9                  Atlas                         Straight Mic Stands (Chrome)                   Excellent
6                  K & M                       Boom Stands                                                 Excellent
4                  Rapco                       Model DB 101-SL Direct Boxes                 Excellent

Hanging Points

There are two (2) sound system hanging points located FOH stage left and stage right.  These points are rated for 1-ton.  Sound Company or artist must provide chain hoist.  All use must be pre-approved by Executive Director prior to use.

Lighting and Sound System installed and serviced by:
          (Original Installation 1997-98 by Cathedral Light & Sound)
          (Lighting Upgrade - January 14, 2014)
          (Sound System Upgrade performed in December 2014-January 2015)

Upgrade by: Audio and Light

Brian Cox/Jim Hoyle

2209 Randleman Road

Greensboro, NC 27406

336.274.1234 Office

336.274.4022 FAX

Email :

Sound & Backline Services Providers:       
Audio and Light                                        Soundwave Audio, Inc.
Brian Cox/Jim Hoyle                              Michael Trift
2209 Randleman Road                           102 Portwatch Way, Suite A
Greensboro, NC 27406                           Wilmington, NC 28412                    
Email:                Email:
336.274.1234 Office                                 910.794.2858 Office
336.274.4022 FAX                                   910.762.9010 FAX

Miscellaneous including Audiovisual and Stage Equipment

The facility contains an array of audiovisual components and stage equipment, listed below are several items of importance.

  • Hitachi CPWX8265 WXGA Projector (6,500 Lumens) Used to project COMPUTER/TV/VCR/CABLE-TV (Permanent Mount (Installed January 2015)
  • Rear Projection Screen (Prestage Hall hung behind first border. Size:  120T x 196”W  (Installed August 13, 2015)
  • Remote controlled Camera for recording on stage or projection of speaker. (Prestage Hall)
  • 4 Sections SICO Choral Risers   Condition: Good
  • Staging Risers (Assorted Sizes and Heights)
  • Assorted Hand Tools
  • Limited Sewing Kit
  • Assorted Tapes: (Spike, Gaffers, etc.)
  • Soldering Iron
  • AMP Meter
  • Iron and Ironing Board
  • Two (2) Hand Trucks
  • Mop Bucket and Mop & Dust Mops & Brooms for Stage Use Only
  • Wireless Internet Access (Entire Facility) (Select: AgriExpo Guest - No Password required)
  • Miscellaneous Gobos
  • Washing Machine and Dryer
  • Forklift (TCM) Lift Capacity 5,000# (2004)
  • Portable Steps (to access FOH from Stage)
  • Clothes Steamer
  • Reel EFX, Inc. DF-50 (Diffusion Haze Machine)
  • Square D – 200 AMP Power Distribution Cart

Venue Information & Technical Specifications