Sampson CenterStage for Students

Presented in partnership with local schools and provided FREE-OF-CHARGE through generous corporate and community support, “Class Acts-Sampson CenterStage for Students” introduces Sampson County students to the performing arts in an educational and entertaining setting.

Annually, over 8,000 students visit the Sampson County Exposition Center to attend live performances specifically designed for various grade levels and curriculum alignments.  In advance of each performance, teachers are provided study guides designed to educate as well as enhance the theatre-going experience of each student.

Class Acts has earned statewide recognition for not only the quality of its programming, but for the enthusiastic financial support of the local community which fully sustains this valuable program developed to enhance the educational experiences of our children...tomorrow's leaders.

When it comes to the performing arts, the Class Acts-Sampson CenterStage for Students Performing Arts Series helps set a tone for a lifetime of learning. 

Class Acts FACTS

  • Academic Year 2016-2017 marks the 17th Annual Season!

  • In 16 years, 113,802 students and teachers have attended performances FREE OF CHARGE!

  • Approximately $468,544.07 has been DONATED by the community to totally fund the series!