Sponsorship Levels

Superintendent’s Club Sponsor: $5,000

(Sponsor an entire grade level)

Principal’s Club Sponsor: $2,500

(Sponsor half an entire grade level) 

School Sponsor: $1,000

(Sponsor a school)

Teacher’s Club Sponsor: $500

(Sponsor two Classrooms)

Classroom Sponsor: $250

(Sponsor a Classroom)

Diamond Sponsor: $100

(Sponsor 10 Students)

Ruby  Sponsor: $50

(Sponsor 5 students)

Topaz Sponsor: $25

(Sponsor 2 students)

Student Sponsor: $10

(Sponsor a Student) 

For more information about supporting Class Acts, contact Ray Jordan, Executive Director, Sampson County Exposition Center at 910.592.6451

They say a picture speaks a thousand words!

This artwork was included in a thank you note from the

Big Bang Boom performance held during the 2019 Season.

     Artist: Ana, Student, Harrells Christian Academy

 Class Acts is a public service program area of the Sampson CenterStage Performing Arts Series and the Sampson County Exposition Center. Class Acts is funded through generous contributions made by many businesses, individuals, industries and civic organizations in and around Sampson County. There is no cost to any student or school system for attending Class Acts performances. Class Acts is totally funded by people like you - who understand the value the arts can play in a students total educational experience.

YOU ARE INVITED …to join us in our efforts to provide the students of Sampson County Schools and Clinton City Schools with professional performing arts programming designed to enhance the development of our community’s greatest asset, our children!

What Students & Teachers Say About Class Acts!

Sponsor Class Acts

Become a Class Acts Sponsor

"Thank you for sponsoring Class Acts.  I learned a lot.  My favorite part was when Orville was telling jokes. The biggest thing I learned is to never give up."

     JJ, Student, Hobbton Elementary School

"The play was just like a story I read in 1st grade last year and I loved it"

      Ryleigh, Student, Clement Elementary School

"Hello, my name is Kameryn, I go to R. E. S. Thanks to you my school/class got the opportunity to go see THE BEAST.  It allowed us/me to learn the different cultures/styles of music. I am so thankful for your donations so we can have this experience.

     Kameryn, Student, Roseboro Elementary School

"Class acts provides students with the opportunity to experience the magic of a live performance.  The shows and performers encourage creativity among the students and most shows allow the students to take an active part in the  performance.  Class Acts offers a variety of shows. I have seen students use that knowledge gained from a performance  to make connections with related material (or other subjects)  in the classroom"

     Rita Wilson, Plainview Elementary School

"North Carolina's Vision for a Comprehensive Arts Education includes the following three components: arts education, arts integration, and arts exposure. Class Acts supports North Carolina's Vision for a Comprehensive Arts Education through programs that focus on arts integration and arts exposure. Class Acts helps our students grow into well-rounded individuals who will be college and career read"

     Rue Lee Holmes, Sampson County Schools Arts Education Coordinator

Sponsorship Levels

"Thank you for organizing yearly performances for the school children of Sampson County, and especially for including Harrells Christian Academy.  The cultural arts performances are always entertaining and go along with our curriculum.  We value these opportunities and feel that it helps children learn outside of the classroom and appreciate differences in culture, art, and music in the world around them."

     Beth Griffin, Harrells Christian Academy

"The Class Acts experience was exciting and interactive.  Students were able to perform with the actor, Mike Wiley (One Noble Journey).  It is important to have events like this so we can learn important events in history in an interesting way.

     Marlee, 5th Grade Student, Sunset Avenue School