Curriculum Connections:  Music, History, Listening/ Communications Skills, Visual & Performing Arts

Dear Educator:

Class Acts performances are provided as a public service of the Sampson CenterStage Performing Arts Series, the Sampson County Exposition Center, and the County of Sampson. Class Acts performances are totally funded and underwritten through the financial contributions of many businesses, corporations, civic organizations, and individuals from across Sampson County and are provided FREE to students in Clinton City Schools and Sampson County Schools.

The study guides provided and information below are designed to aid in preparing students for a educational and exciting performance. We encourage you to make use of these valuable resources designed to not only enhance each student’s theater-going experience; but to also complement their total educational experience.

Educators Toolkit

Zak Morgan Trio

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Grade Level                      Time
1st Grade                           10:00 am
2nd Grade                         1:00 pm

Zak Morgan’s wit has been compared to Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. Zak is a children’s musician with a focus on the curriculum areas of literature and music. A Grammy nominee whose unique brand of children's music delivers songs and poems with wit and charm, he inspires and tickles the funny bones of children and adults alike.

In Zak’s family-friendly concerts, you can expect a fast-paced, entertaining and interactive concert that creates a world filled with music and imagination, where anything is possible if you try hard and believe in yourself!  Zak’s educational concerts are interactive and full of wordplay, centering on the themes of reading, imagination, kindness and perseverance.

When he is not writing and recording, Zak performs family concerts throughout the country. His live performances are filled with musical stories, laughter and warmth as he encourages children to read, imagine and believe in themselves.

In a Zak Morgan concert, students use their voices, creativity and body movements to join in the fun.  Morgan’s educational concert offers a study guides with activities for both music education and arts integration with life science facts, literary devices, reading skills and confidence building. In addition, teachers can access thirteen interactive lessons for classroom use at a variety of grade levels supporting creative writing and reading comprehension. Concerts for PreK to 2nd grade focus on confidence building, reading, listening, imagination, and teach basic music lessons including simple rhythmic, melodic and chordal patterns.

“One part musical genius and another part fantastic storytelling…Not only are these whimsical little tunes with quirky tales interwoven between each note, but (they are) amazing stories that have depth, detail and Zak is a master storyteller.” ~

“Of all the musical entertainment I have hired over the years, Zak Morgan is by far the best. His charisma and talent are unprecedented. I continue to recommend him to anyone and everyone. There is no audience he can’t entertain.” ~  Destination Imagination Region 14, Morrow, OH