Take a dash of science, a blob of humor, throw in a hillbilly, and what do you get?  You get the explosive good time of the Hillbilly Silly Science Spectacular Show!

The Hillbilly Silly Science Spectacular is an amazing stage show like none other out there!  We've all seen scientist shows,  and we have seen comedy shows --- but this new show concept goes beyond description.  It is insanely unique and hilarious!

Unlike other science stage shows, this is more than just a guy in a lab coat - it is a theatrical experience with story lines, music, costumes, and decorated sets that presenters and audiences love. The beauty of the show is that it combines clean family humor with educational material.  Kids will learn about basic science concepts and developing a hypothesis for what many of the experiments included in the performance.

There are also positive message undertones regarding keeping motivated for success, as well as, safety!  The performance is approved by both parents and educators - and students LOVE it!  Each show contains fast paced antics, clean humor, visual props, audience participation, and amazing science experiments that will blow the audience's minds away!  The "chemistry"  Dr. Beaker has with the audience is amazing and creates hilarious banter and spontaneous comedy tidbits!  Whether talking about dinosaurs or just having fun with chemistry - this is a show for everyone.

Curriculum Connections:  Science, Character Education, Visual & Performing Arts Education, & Communication Skills

Dear Educator:

Class Acts performances are provided as a public service of the Sampson CenterStage Performing Arts Series, the Sampson County Exposition Center, and the County of Sampson. Class Acts performances are totally funded and underwritten through the financial contributions of many businesses, corporations, civic organizations, and individuals from across Sampson County and are provided FREE to students in Clinton City Schools and Sampson County Schools.

The study guides provided and information below are designed to aid in preparing students for a educational and exciting performance. We encourage you to make use of these valuable resources designed to not only enhance each student’s theater-going experience; but to also complement their total educational experience.

Educators Toolkit

The Hillbilly Silly Science Spectacular

Friday, April 29, 2022

Grade Level                      Time
3rd Grade                           10:00 am
4th Grade                           1:00 pm