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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Flamenco Vivo Carlota Santana

Bailes de Ida y Vuelta (Dances of Comings and Goings)

Grade Level(s):               Time(s):  
5th  Grade                        10:00 am
6th Grade                         1:00 pm

Curriculum Connections: ELA, Literacy, History, Social Science, Social Skills,

Hispanic Art, Music, Visual and Performing Arts

Bailes de Ida y Vuelta (Dances of Comings and Goings) is a wonderful blend of entertainment and education and combines explanations of the intricacies of flamenco and its cultural history, with details of the varied instruments involved in the art form: castañuelas(castanets), guitarra (guitar), cante (voice), and zapateado (footwork). The performance reveals the lightheartedness of Latino inspired flamenco dances reflecting centuries of cultural exchange between Spain and Latin America. Although flamenco is known for its zapateado (footwork), the dance was introduced by the people of Mexico and taken back to Spain where the Spanish claimed it their own. In this show, the Mexican dance La Bamba, performed with fans, illustrates the blending of Spanish, indigenous, and African cultures. The Colombianas highlight the cumbia’s flowing colorful skirts and swaying turns of the body. The Milonga / Vidalita shows the strong pride of the Argentinian Tango, and the Guajiras transport you to warm days in Cuba and Puerto Rico. Audience participation is a vital aspect of the performance which ends with a Q & A session. 

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